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if you run into problems using RoutedViewHost in iOS, please see the fixes on my branch here which have not been merged yet (21/01/2016): https://github.com/kentcb/ReactiveUI/blob/TQ/ReactiveUI/Cocoa/RoutedViewHost.cs(edited)


System.ExecutionEngineException: Attempting to JIT compile method 'System.Reactive.Linq.QueryLanguage:Switch (System.IObservable1<System.IObservable1>)' while running with --aot-only. See http://docs.xamarin.com/ios/about/limitations for more information.

ghuntley [1:12 PM]
When deploying on iOS 8.3, Unified API, physical hardware. Simulator works fine.

ghuntley [1:12 PM]
found this https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=26060 and https://github.com/michaeldimoudis/RxFormsTest


ghuntley [1:13 PM]
It seems that on iOS " enable generic value type sharing" on the advanced page must be toggled otherwise the application crashes immediately on startup when doing the  

ghuntley [1:14 PM]
Still not completely resolved, now got another exception - most likely my code but hopefully the above helps someone else out :simple_smile:

ghuntley [1:23 PM] 
@michaelstonis: what's your experience with
```enable generic value type sharing```
- do you still your iOS apps with it? What linker settings do you use as well.

ghuntley [1:24 PM]
oh different michael sorry :simple_smile:

michaelstonis [1:25 PM] 
no worries

michaelstonis [1:25 PM]
FWIW, I always use generic type sharing

ghuntley [1:25 PM] 
It's not a default option w/ Right Click -> Add Project

michaelstonis [1:29 PM] 
yea, it will make your apps a lil' bit bigger, but the benefit is that you to use code that would have nuked out from JIT compilation

michaelstonis [1:29 PM]
it should be a default in newer releases

michaelstonis [1:30 PM]
it was a while back, but I think they flipped it to be a default in Xamarin.iOS 6 or 7

ghuntley [1:48 PM] 
FYI :simple_smile:

paulcbetts [2:16 PM] 
Check every experimental box

paulcbetts [2:17 PM]
You can often also get around this class of bugs by turning your value-typed Observable into a reference typed one

paulcbetts [2:18 PM]
I.e. don't use IObservable<int>, use IObservable<int?>

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