Validation on non-string types


how to handle errors in binding It looks like there's no direct way to turn a conversion failure into a "validation error"


re: binding/date validation, maybe you should bind to an intermediate string property on the vm and do validation over that? then you can do other typical validation things like surfacing an error message, and you're not limited to the type converter confines


if you can’t use a control specifically designed for datetimes (e.g. DateTimePicker) then I would bind to a string property (let’s call it A). Then have a get-only DateTime or DateTime? property derived from that (let’s call it B). When A changes, attempt to update B. If the parse fails, either leave B as null or set another property (C) to contain the validation error you want the view to display.

Value Bounds Checking


Does anyone have a good way to deal with value bounds checking? for instance "username should be 3 to 12 characters" from the viewmodel.


my approach is normally to break into separate properties: UserName and UserNameError (which is null if there is no error). Then use the platform’s validation/error mechanism to bring to user’s attention

Brendan: what Kent said

excep we called it UserNameValidator and rolled a bit of interesting code to declaratively define the rules - and then had a .Result to inspect at the end


I'm doing it exactly like @kentcb

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