Package Naming Conventions

ghuntley [8:28 PM] So for community adding to RxUI was thinking of a single
repo under reactiveui/community and creating convention of


ghuntley [8:30 PM] ReactiveUICommunity.DeviceInformationService.Platform

ghuntley [8:31 PM] It creates a deliberate line of responsibility; community is
community supported and -core is done by team and community. Thoughts?

ghuntley [8:35 PM] NuGet convention of ReactiveUICommunity-PackageName and
classify ReactiveUI-* reserved for -core

ghuntley [10:00 PM] Who would be the nuget owner of the packages though. Needs
to be centralised potentially to prevent AWOL maintainers.

michaelteper [3:15 AM] Are there community projects out there already, or is
this putting the cart before the horse?

paulcbetts [3:19 AM] I'm not super excited about the "Community" trope, it was
mostly created by Microsoft employees so people would stop complaining about
closed source MS components

paulcbetts [3:20 AM] We should just take PRs instead

paulcbetts [3:20 AM] And have a list of "Libraries that go great with RxUI"

moswald [3:56 AM] agreed

ghuntley [5:06 AM] @michaelteper:  cart before horse; just getting sick of copy
and pasta of the same network service between solutions and the though is that
it's not big enough for its own custom name. Thus it would be good to come up
with convention what is in -core namespace and what is not. Also stance on
namespace protection generally needed- do we send polite emails to library
maintainers that pollute the -core namespace?

ghuntley [5:14 AM] @paulcbetts ServiceStack actively does the polite to ensure
that no confusion/pollution/doesn't get issues on -core for 3rd party plugins.
Ie If you use the ServiceStack.* namespace or as prefix to a nuget package you
get a polite email from Dennis. Not advocating this route; sussing out feel.

ghuntley [5:16 AM] MVX has the MvxPlugins prefix that the community has
somewhat unofficially adopted but it's pretty fragmented. PersonName.PluginName
or CompanyName.Plugin or just PluginName; get enough plugins and your "using a"
start to look like a wasteland

paulcbetts [11:35 AM] These are good things to think about, but I don't think
it's been a problem so far; we should encourage people to make their own NuGet
packages though, then make sure to do some marketing for them

paulcbetts [11:35 AM] Since we haven't really encouraged people to camp on our
namespaces so far like Mvx does, we don't really have this problem

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